Organic Products

An organic label indicates to the consumer that a product was produced using certain production methods. In other words, organic is a process claim rather than a product claim.

An apple produced by practices approved for organic production may very well be identical to an apple produced under other agricultural management regimes. Several countries and a multitude of private certification organizations have defined organic agriculture. In the past, differences in these definitions were significant but the demand for consistency by multinational traders, has led to great uniformity.

 Organic Pulses
  • Organic Brown Lentils
  • Organic Red Lentils
  • Organic Green Lentils
  • Organic Yellow Lentils
  • Organic Bulgur
  • Organic Chickpeas Turkish
  • Organic Chickpeas Russian
  • Organic White Beans
  • Organic Peabeans
  • Organic Yellow Beans
Dried Fruits
  • Organic Sultanas
  • Organic Thompson Raisins
  • Organic Dried Cherries
  • Organic Dried Apples
  • Organic Dried Figs
  • Organic Dried Apricots
  • Organic Dried Mulberries
  • Organic IQF Fruits
  • Organic Hazelnuts Kernels
  • Organic Hazelnuts Processed
  • Organic Pistachios in shell
  • Organic Pistachios Kernels
  • Organic Almonds
  • Organic Walnut Kernels
  • Organic Pinenut Kernels
Herb & Spices
  • Organic Anise Seeds
  • Organic Bay Leaves
  • Organic Cumin Seeds
  • Organic Fennel Seeds
  • Organic Rosemary
  • Organic Blue Poppy Seeds
  • Organic White Poppy Seeds
  • Organic Sage Leaves
  • Organic Oregano / Thyme
  • Organic Milling Wheat
  • Organic Feeding Wheat
  • Organic Durum Wheat
  • Organic Wheat Flour
  • Organic Semolina
  • Organic Barley
  • Organic Yellow Peas
  • Organic Corn
  • Organic Rye
  • Organic Quinoa
  • Organic Rapeseeds
  • Organic Soybeans
  • Organic Sesame Seeds
  • Organic Chia Seeds
  • Organic Flaxseeds
  • Organic Sunflower Seeds
  • Organic Poppy Seeds